What you need to know about insulation


Before you go out and buy insulation for your home, there are a few things you must know first. Homeowners generally have a choice between a few different insulation products. What you want is a product with a high r-value. This means the thermal and acoustic properties will be enhanced with a higher r-value product.

The reason people install insulation in their roofs is because it helps keep your home at a comfortable temperature right through the year. An uninsulated home is either way to hot or way to cold. People often try to compensate for this by turning up their heating and cooling devices at home. Which in turn get you a huge electricity bill at the end of the month!

What type of insulation products can i choose from?

There are two main categories of insulation. They are reflective and bulk insulation. Reflective insulation has a much lower r-value than bulk insulation. Bulk insulation products include:

  1. Fiberglass insulation – more commonly known as aerolite or think pink aerolite
  2. Polyester insulation – more commonly known as isotherm
  3. Cellulose fiber insulation – commonly known as blown-in, paper or cellulose

Fiberglass attic insulation

Fiberglass insulation is the most well know of the three products mentioned above. It has been around for more the 75 years. Everyone has seen or had aerolite installed in their roof at one point or another. Contrary to what people say it does not contain any asbestos. The problem with aerolite insulation is that its horrible to work with. You should wear long clothes and a dust mask when working with think pink.

Polyester attic insulation

Polyester insulation is the most eco-friendly and people friendly of the three products. It is made from recycled plastic bottles which becomes a polyester insulation. This is a quality long lasting product that is easy to install. It is also the more expensive of the three products.

Cellulose fiber insulation

Cellulose fiber is a loose fill product. Its made from recycled newspapers and added chemicals to make it fire retardant. The product is made from 25% chemical additives like boric acid. If you have chosen to install this product yourself, make sure you wear long clothing, gloves and a good dust mask. You dont want to be breathing in those chemicals.

Should you install the product yourself?

Generally it is recommended to get an expert opinion or installer. The professionals will know the correct thickness that needs to be installed for your climatic region. Depending on where you live in the world and what your climate is like you need to achieve a certain r-value to get the most out of your insulation product. Colder climates need thicker insulation products to be install to reach your desired comfort.

The importance of roof ventilation

Another thing to consider is if you have appropriate roof ventilation in your roof. Products like  whirlybird vents and ridge vents can be installed on your roof to increase its ventilation. It will decrease moisture build up in your roof and prevent future damage.